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Maintaining Essential Telecommunications Infrastructure
We’re ready for any maintenance or repair issue, at any site, in any weather. Our technicians are fully equipped with installation, rigging, and testing equipment and can access your site in any condition. Eureka HSE policies also meet or exceed the Canadian Labour Code.

With the virtue of our engineering experts, we are eager to provide ingenious solutions to the most complex problems that arise.

Small Cell Build

Small Cell Build
Small cell deployment is an essential factor to strengthen connectivity. With the evolution of mobile networks, high efficiency of connectivity is also in demand.

Wireless Augmentation

Wireless Augmentation
Wireless augmentations are highly critical in IT and telecom industry and for this purpose, we offer deep-rooted networks with professional technicians and specialists of the industry to serve your cause. We take care of vetting and evaluation processes in the most satisfied manner.

Wireless Communication

Wireless communication is a turnkey in the telecom industry. We provide civil and electrical construction of network towers and wireless systems for various commercial needs.

Wireline / Fibre Build

The wired communication is used for the transportation of information through filament such as fiber optics. We deliver wireline broadband networks and efficient deep fiber builds for minimal as well as complex systems.


The telecommunication industry remains in the need of efficient technical parts with the ability to resist corrosion. Our equipment fabrication services are dynamic, leading to complex systems in a reasonable and result-guaranteed manner.

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