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Integration Engineer

Ontario, Canada

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role


  1. Hands on testing and integration experience working with more than one of the following OEMs, Nokia, Samsung, Rakuten, Mavenir, Parallel Wireless, Altiostar

  2. Good knowledge on ORAN Architecture, CUSM (Control plane, User plane, Synchronization plane & Management plane), eCPRI / CRPI, PTP, SyncE, Netconf, YANG etc.

  3. Extensive proficiency and validated experience analyzing full stack logs and protocols for 5G, LTE

  4. Excellent understanding of the ORAN Architecture, including the nRT-RIC-CU-DU interfaces, eCPRI/CPRI, PTP.

  5. Determine the scope and develop HLD and LLD documents.

  6. Experience in Lab environment for Integration & testing

  7. Experience in deployment and functional testing, E2E testing, development of test plans, integration and testing of ORAN or 5G networks.

  8. Execute and validate script to configure network configurations of all major LTE/5G RAN vendors

  9. Plan, test 5G NSA-SA/LTE-A new feature, fix, regression testing for all major RAN vendors

About the Company

Eureka Telcom was incorporated to bring innovation in the telecommunication industry by offering modernized telecom services.

Our vast expertise has led us to serve in many categories of the industry such as engineering services, small build cells, wireless augmentation, wireless construction, fiber builds, professional and technical services, fabrication, site optimization, testing services, Mw, BER & RF services, troubleshooting and much more.

The company understands the evolution of technological advances, and hence continuously innovates itself by using modernized technologies to offer NEXT GENERATION Wired/wireless Connectivity Services to Home and Enterprise Customers around the region

We are rapidly growing and looking for skilled individuals to join our team!

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